Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who wants to go home at 5 anyway? Not me!

Last night I shut everything down in the office and passed Stoopid's office waving good-bye, not wanting her to stop me to ask me how her keyboard works...because she did once. I swear. But! She stopped me.
*grumble grumble grumble*
"How do I answer the phone when you leave?"
I need to buy a tape recorder to record this, the internets are going to stop believing she really asks me these questions.
"The same way you answer it when I am here, you pick up the receiver when your line rings."
"Don't you shut the phones off?"
"I just put the voicemail on, I don't shut the phones completely off. My message system lets everyone know that the office is closed and allows the caller to still reach your extension if they need to."
"So will my phone ring?"
"If someone dials your extension, yes."
"But what if they don't?"
"Then it won't."
"But how do I answer it?"
I need a very stiff drink.
*sigh*"If your phone rings, pick it up. You don't have to do anything special. Just. Pick. It. Up."
"Can't you just leave the phones on?"
"I. Don't. Shut. The. Phone. Off. If I leave the message system off and Bossman calls to check his voicemail, he will fire me. It is my JOB to put the phones on 'answer' when I leave the office."
"But people will think I am not here."
"Then let them know that when the message system comes on, all they have to do is dial your extension and your phone will ring."
"But what if they don't know my extension?"
"The message system says your name and extension..."
"So how do I answer it then?"
Oh Jesus.

Pulling My Hair Out Mean


Kristen said...

I Do NOT Miss those kind of idiots from when I worked in an office. I'd have to smack her lol

dennis said...

Somewhere out there is a barrel short one monkey!!

Diana said...

Now you see why I call her stoopid. Every day it's something with her...tomorrow i will have to tell the keyboard story, it's too funny to keep to myself.

dennis said...

the wife.imp sat there with her lower jaw swinging in the wind as I read this story to her.

She really wants to believe you are making this up...LOL

However, it does make her appreciate her current work situation!!!