Thursday, August 24, 2006

In a minute...

there will be another broken window-this time in my office. Stoopid has not learned that I know how to do my job. Stoopid also ignores the other agents when they complain that the market is slow. Stoopid came to me the other day and asked me why her properties weren't selling.
She has been a Real Estate Agent for 13 years, you figure she would know that sometimes things just don't move for a while.
The Shitter has stopped nagging me when he is on the calendar, he knows no one calls for most of the day so he doesn't even ask me. He just calls 70 times a day to check his voicemail for non-existant messages. He has to call me because Stoopid is using the back line for her own personal phone calls, and stays on the line for hours like a teenage girl. Stoopid has begun to nag me about her being on the calendar. She just walked through the door, announcing to the whole office (me and the cobwebs) that she has arrived and it is her day, bring on the phonecalls.
What phonecalls?
The last time she was on the calendar she really asked me what time it is the day is over.
"The calendar day ends when I leave the office at five."
"You couldn't possibly leave the phones on when I am on the calendar so I can stay in the office past five?"
Are we really going to get into this again?
Yesterday was The Shitter's day on the calendar, and at four she really asked me "What are you still doing here? Aren't you going home?"
"I go home at five."
"Says who?"
"Says the man who signs my paychecks."
She just wanted me to leave so she can answer the million calls we were going to get between four and five. How about YOU go home and leave me the fuck alone? geez...


Lori said...

You can at least take comfort in knowing you are not anything like those tards.

sourpatchbaby said...

Is kind of sad when you're working for complete morons, ain't it? Just take confort in the fact that you're smarter, nicer, prettier. In short, you rock their world and they need YOU to survive.

dennis said...

I would just like to say that I do not know why you can't just wave that magic wand you are hiding and make their properties sell!

And while I'm at it, what does the big green button on a copy machine do anyway?