Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Woo-hoo! Look at me!

I have lost eight pounds. Not much, but you know what? I'm happy. I want to lose maybe 25 more, but Daddy keeps telling me to lose only 10. We constantly battle it out over how much weight I should lose, he doesn't want me to go back down too far. I don't either, its not like I want to look like a skeleton again! (Did you see the pic of me when I was 95lbs? All bones!) I want to have some meat on me but I want to lose the extra stuff i don't need. I want to be able to put on a pair of jeans without having the spare tire hanging off the edges (eewwww) and I want to wear fitted shirts without having to worry that people are trying to figure if I'm pregnant or not.
I want to be able to wear some sexy short shorts around the house without wondering if my husband just thinks I've gone looney from wishful thinking. I would say I want to wear sexy lingerie but with my son hanging around all the time...well, let's just say I can't but not only because of my excess weight. (Hello! Little Man! GO BACK TO YOUR CRIB, 'kay? For Mommy's sake and sanity!)
Daddy has gotten a belly himself. We laugh about it all the time. I tell him he has a beer belly without drinking beer! He doesn't mind it, I don't mind it. Maybe I'll just buy him an elephant to show how much I don't mind his belly! LOL!


Jen said...

Oh how have you lost the weight!? I'm stuck here!! If I lose 10 lbs. I'll be where I was before I got pregnant with Hayden. But at that point I had wanted to lose 15, so I'm aiming for 25+ lbs. to lose. HELP ME!! Maybe we should start a blog together to chronicle our weight loss? The good, bad AND the ugly!

Diana said...

I should confess the only thing I've been doing sifferently is not eating after 7 p.m.
What with work and having to do so much when I get out I rarely got to eat dinner before 8, and that was BAD!
It isn't a great plan but it's doing something!

Mama G said...

Congratulations on the 8 pounds - that's awesome ... How sad is it that I need to lose 10-pounds, yet I sit here reading your blog while eating tortilla chips??

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

I like the first two links ( I wish my wife wanted to walk around the house like that; what guy wouldn't want that?).

That third one....well that was scary.

Mama of 2 said...

Congrats on the 8 pounds. I dropped nearly 10 when I too stopped eating after 6pm and switched to diet pepsi rather than the regular sugar filled kind.

Sort of stalled at 132lbs at the moment. I know if I could just get back on my exercise bike and start doing South Beach again I would lose enough to get back down to 124 where I was before I found out I was pregnant with Girlie Girlie.

dennis said...

Woohoo! Time to celebrate! I'll bring the brownies!!

Seriously, congrats!! I do have to agree with Tony on link 3.