Thursday, August 24, 2006

I love projects!

YAY! My bossman has given me a project! (and here I am blogging instead of DOING it right? right?)
I get to order new window treatments and blinds for our HUGE windows! (I have floor to ceiling windows on three sides of my office. Can't walk around picking your wedgie here, everyone on the street will see it.)
This is exciting! I get to play interior decorator and pick out whatever I want (with his approval of course).
The only demand he had was that they are room-darkening, because with these windows comes lots of sunlight and it gets HOT in our conference room. Stifling hot. (I never use it, so I never notice. Agents have complained, but then don't they do that about everything?)
So far my favorite has been the Roman Shade style. Nice, sleek look, room darkening, elegant so it doesn't look cheap-o. Our walls are medical office blue (gag!) so I'm thinking a nice cream color (or as this store calls it: Atria Mink) to match our trims...
I think I just may end up getting some verticals, it would be easier with the big windows. The only thing is the verticals don't usually come in room darkening. (Or do they? anybody know?)
Of course I have to go eat lunch first. I shall present these to my bossman when he returns to the office. There will be photos coming when the treatments are installed...


sourpatchbaby said...

You should see if your boss will let you order some decorations to go along with the curtains. Like candles, pictures and other such purty things to draw the attention away from the medical office blue.

Diana said...

you mean ask him to take the 1950's sketch of our city down? THE HORROR!