Thursday, August 03, 2006

Women are changing...

This news story has been spreading like wildfire among the radio stations here, I'm sure it's probably big in your area, too since the survey was done by the folks at the Oxygen Network.
The biggest "shocker" was that 77% of women prefer a Plasma t.v to a diamond solitaire necklace.
That's a shocker?
I would most definitely prefer a plasma to a NECKLACE! Now, show me a nice enough diamond ring and I might have something to think about. And I'm just saying that because I still don't have a wedding ring! I mean, I would love it if Daddy and I had the money to get ourselves a nice ring set with the perfect diamond on it. I would love it if I could have the ring to show people I am married and not just have people look at me strangely when I say "my husband". But a necklace? Gimme the plasma!!!
Ladies...which would you prefer?


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

I am not a big TV watcher, so the necklace is for me :)

Tuesday Girl said...

I have a lot of jewelry that I only wear for special occasions, which stinks.

I think the plasma, then the diamonds!!

sourpatchbaby said...

I wish that I didn't have a TV at home that way we could spend more quality time together as a family. For your question, if it's just the necklace I would have to choose the TV; if it's a neclace and earring set (with maybe a bracelet/ring thrown in) then I would definitely go for the diamonds.

Mama of 2 said...

Can't I have both????

Honestly I think I would go for the diamond but I want in a ring form as well. While I have an engagement ring it's not exactly what I wanted but what we could afford at the time. I love the rings in your link though. I would definitely go for one of those.

Mama G said...

Considering I lose most of my jewelry, I'll take the plasma, baby!