Thursday, August 31, 2006

News and Forums

Ever feel like your questions about your telephone and internet services are stupid? Ever feel like you're the only one having certain problems? Don't you wish companies had forums for customers to discuss their services and problems with eachother? (Do I sound like a car salesman yet? That's my goal here...)
Anyway, my mother tells me she wants to get Vonage for her home line, because she's sick of the way Verizon is being. I don't have a home telephone so I personally don't give a shit. I guess she's falling for these commercials she sees on t.v about their 'great service' and 'great plans starting at something ninety nine!'.
Whatever Mom. So she calls me at work, interrupting my blogreading (what? did you think I was doing something constructive here?) and telling to to go to the VoIP Forum so I can see for myself that the company is helpful.
Again, whatever Mom.
But I looked anyway. And they actually do have forums discussing this and that (which you really don't see any other companies doing), and they also have News and Reviews (new products and services, and reviews of these new products and services), and they let you handle your account online (as do most companies that's not such a big thing.)
But, whatever Mom.
I have blogs to read, 'kay?

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